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"Been coming to Healthy Smiles for over 2 years now. And there's a reason for that. He's the best dentist I've had. He's very knowledgeable and the service his office provides is excellent. From the receptionist to the Invisalign expert, Marta. Highly recommended."

- Romi R.

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*Does not include membrane and bone grafting. Includes basic crown

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At Healthy Smiles of La Crescenta, our goal is to provide all our patients with a pleasant, calming atmosphere and top-of-the-line dental care. Your smile says a lot about you. That’s why we’re committed to keeping your smile happy and healthy, so you can live your life with more confidence than ever before.

Our courteous staff is composed of some of the most skilled professionals in the business, so you can rest easy in their capable hands. Stop by our office location in La Crescenta, and we’ll take care of all your dental needs. We can’t wait to meet you!


"This office is amazing! The staff is wonderful! The minute I walked into the office the front desk greeted me with a smile, they even have coffee and snacks in the front while you wait. They sat me within 10 mins and when my Doctor saw me he was very informative of the procedures I needed. I felt so comfortable through my whole visit. Thank you for your hospitality."
Jay C.
"I have been going here about 6 months now. Every time I come in I have an excellent experience. The entire staff is always very friendly and the work they all do is done efficiently and fantasticly. They are very accomodating and are able to work with my needs, which is much appreciated. They are also in a great location, easy to find and there's always plenty of parking. I highly recommend Healthy Smiles to anyone looking for a great dentist!"
Stephanie R.
"I came here yesterday for a consultation and I had an excellent experience. The front office welcomed me with a smile and helped with all the questions I had about my treatment. The dentist took his time explaining the procedure before he began. Overall the office is very lovely. I will definitely be back in 6 months!"
Ry H.

Different Dental Services Available To You

Many people in La Crescenta do not much relish the thought of going to the dentist. The mere mention of a dentist’s appointment is enough to fill them with dread. You shouldn’t be. If you have taken the time to seek out a professional dentist who has a good bedside manner there is a lot that they can do for you. In fact, there are many dental procedures that they can perform that can give you a winning smile. Here are some of the most common procedures offered by La Crescenta dentists and other dentists around the country.


This is the most common dental procedure and it is a simple one – all that happens during your appointment is that the dentist checks to make sure that your teeth are in good condition. They will look for things like cavities and any other deterioration to your teeth. If they find any damage they will tell you about it and what they will do to take care of it. In addition to that they will discuss with you how to better take care of your teeth in the future. A dental checkup takes place once or twice a year. There are many people who aren’t too keen on making their appointments; you shouldn’t miss yours because when problems are detected early they are easy to treat.


Your teeth accumulate little particles over time no matter how well you brush and floss, especially in the little gaps. If left there, these particles of food will eventually cause decay. In addition to that, teeth yellow over the years for different reasons. It can be due to beverages like coffee, smoking or it can happen naturally. Although cleaning doesn’t whiten teeth completely it helps get rid of some of the yellowing. The dentist uses an automated tool to clean every tooth. The tool can get rid of stubborn plaque and save you from gum disease. Your teeth may be a bit sensitive a few days after you have had a cleaning.

Root canals

The mention of a root canal is enough to make many shake in their boots. While it is true that it is a more complicated process than cleaning, it is usually necessary if you have cavities. When you have a cavity and it is left unattended the damage will eventually get to the nerves and you will be in agony. A root canal is your La Crescenta dentist’s way of making sure that this doesn’t happen. He will pull out the decayed tooth and then set a prosthetic root in the gap. Once the area has healed he can then install a prosthetic tooth. A root canal is not as painful as most people think. The dentist uses anesthetic to manage the pain. You may experience some pain after the first part of the procedure but you will most likely have painkillers issued by the dentist.

Dental implants

When you have missing teeth, you can choose to wear dentures, which are inconvenient for many reasons – they have to come out at night, they can slip and fall when you are laughing etc – or you can choose the more permanent and convenient dental implants. Dental implants are metal frames that are positioned in the jaw. They are supposed to hold prosthetic teeth. Once the wire is placed and has set firmly in the jaw the dentist can then place the new teeth Dental implants are so great because of how long they last, usually a lifetime. They are also the most natural-looking teeth replacement system.


This is usually the last resort for La Crescenta dentists who have tried other teeth repair methods such as fillings but if they fail they have no option but to remove the tooth. Another common reason why teeth have to be extracted is breaking or chipping. Teeth can also be extracted to make way for new teeth or to make room so that the rest of the teeth can be straightened with braces. Extraction is a painful procedure because the root of the tooth sits very deep within the jaw but the dentist will use anesthetic to minimize discomfort. The space that is left can be filled with a prosthetic tooth.

Teeth whitening

This has become one of the most common cosmetic dentist procedures. As we mentioned, teeth become yellow as we age. Whitening is simply taking them to a pearly white color using chemicals or laser. There are several procedures that the dentist can use depending on how yellow the teeth are. The whitening can take one or several visits, again depending on how yellow your teeth are. Laser teeth whitening is the most effective and takes the shortest time but it also costs a lot more. There are teeth whitening kits available in your local pharmacy and also online but they are not as effective as using a dentist. In addition to that, you may end up doing more good than harm. If you decide to whiten your teeth at home you should use a renowned brand and follow instructions to the letter.

Dental crowns

If you have a broken or chipped tooth or teeth, your La Crescenta dentist may choose to go with dental crowns. These are thin covers that are placed over the tooth. They are made to look like the rest of your teeth so that your smile can remain natural. They are made of porcelain, metal or a combination of a number of other materials. They can also be used to cover stained teeth. Dental crowns are forever – once you have them installed you cannot have them removed. They are usually bonded to the tooth using strong adhesive glue.


Orthodontics is about the use of braces to straighten teeth. Although in the past it was mostly used on kids today there are braces for adults as well. Talk to your La Crescenta dentist to find out whether he can give you invisible braces.

These are the most common dental services offered by dentists in La Crescenta but they are not the only ones.